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elsie kay harris

Who am I?



Born in Appalachia I have always felt connected to the land.  And have always loved being in the mountains, sitting on the rocks and feeling the presence of the beauty there - the air, the water.  It tends to give a comforting aspect to my life where I find joy and serenity. 


With pencil & paper in hand, I will sketch a site that draws me to it. Then with a charcoal stick I draw that image on a canvas. Engaging with the forms I begin to embellish them, playing with or changing the initial rendering altogether. I use color to convey the intensity of the feeling I first experience at the location. 


It is that initial sensation that I want to convey in the painting.  Color and shape change as the painting takes on a life of it's own, still relating to the drawing but now an entity by itself. For me it is a magical intimacy, a spiritual consciousness - one with nature that is my message in my work.



Lexington, Kentucky

Photo by Ayla Christman


My work is seen in many corporate acquisitions and personal collections both here and abroad.  The paintings have been included in various juried and invitational exhibits across the nation.  


As a working artist, I have been commissioned to produce paintings and graphics, large and small for numerous organizations. I also have worked as a graphic artist with Kentucky Educational Television and designed & painted several scenes for the Lexington Ballet. 

I have also been involved in an administration capability with many arts organizations and agencies in the state, some of which are president of the Lexington Art League (board produced the juried Woodland Arts Fair and introduced "The Nude" as an ongoing annual exhibit), and developing Artists Attic on the 4th floor in "The Square" in downtown Lexington, .






City Gallery (Pam Miller Arts Center) 

    141 East Main St.>


Art Connects Gallery

    work in different

    venues around                         Central Kentucky 


KY Guild of Artists & Craftmen


You can always check with me to see if my work is being exhibited in another venue.

Exhibiting Member

Ky Arts Council

Exhibiting Member

Ky Guild Artist & Craftsmen

Member Natl. Soc. Arts & Letters

Kentucky Chapter

Be sure to checkout all the pages with the art work displayed.

Then you can email ( me to find out how to pay for the art you are interested in!

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