elsie kay harris


(Pastel and color pencil renderings.  Backed with foam core board and wrapped in plastic)


Kentucky landscape artist Elsie Harris' Sea Oat drawing

FMB Sea Oats #6

Pastel/Pencil on Paper

not framed

12" x 9"


Kentucky landscape artist Elsie Harris' Sea Oat drawing

 .  .  .  .  as wandering along the shoreline I regularly find imbued near the coastal waters those noble splendid, stunning, majestic tall grasses: the sea oats.  Now listed as endangered for their importance as a strategic component of sand dune building, they are easy to spot hugging the nearby serf. 

Splendid, stunning in all their majesty, they gently move their long lean stems to and fro into the ebb and flow of a gentle breeze.  In time they will hand off those ample seed pods to the incoming air currents to spread and reproduce in another like place.  

These plein - aire (on site) renderings are from Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. 

Always a first love, drawing is a passion for me.  .  . 

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Lexington, Kentucky

These 2 are the last still available of the many Sea Oat drawings.

There may be more as I love these beautiful flowing sea grasses -

so keep coming back and checking this site.

FMB Sea Oats #5

Pastel/Pencil on Paper

​not framed

12" x 9"


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