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Lexington, Kentucky

We, my husband Frank, and I, .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .  spent a year on a small boat wandering all over the intracoastal and inland waterways of the North American Continent.  Exhilarating, astounding, often breathtaking, it was an experience I will never forget or one that can never be duplicated - simply because of the nature of the venture.  “Let’s go exploring,” was a remark I would often hear from my co-captain next to me.


With the small drawing pad quickly available, I would do brief renderings of those sites that captivated me.  My waterwork paintings come directly from those pencil sketches.  I still love the water, the preciousness of it and the valued experiences we had on that vast collective entity of North America. Memories.

Tall Timbers

Acrylic on Canvas

22" x 25"


These few are the last of this series

Island Sunset

Acrylic on Canvas

22" x 25" x 1.5"  framed

4 lb


Rock Island Pines

Acrylic on Canvas

35" x 37" x 1.5"  framed

8 lb


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Pine Tree Island, a river island of massive Blue Spruces

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